AGlaze Taiwan. The expansion continues with opening of 2nd automotive outlet in Taipei.

December 2016 saw Gfine Taiwan open an ‘AGlaze Express’ automotive outlet  in the Taipei area.


This concept is tailored to busy city centres where space is at an absolute premium.

The compact shop frontal area opens up a state of the art car coating & detailing area with the capacity to work on two vehicles simultaneously, with full on site drainage & flood lit inspection booths. 




Car owners are also well catered for while there vehicles are being attended to with a customer lounge with Wi-Fi ,TV & refreshments .                                               




This concept guarantees an efficient service to enthusiastic car lovers in the Taipei area, & is a perfect addition to the existing flagship AGlaze Auto shop in Taichung.                                                                                                                                                                                            

AGlaze opens its doors in Taiwan with launch of the first of several planned Automotive Pro shops





Taichung area is the first to see the opening of a state of the art AGlaze outlet, for the ultimate in Automotive detailing & surface protection. 




Outlet includes vehicle preparation area, sealed booths with inspection lighting, and luxury customer waiting lounge with refreshments to create the ultimate customer experience for our top end products . 



Fully detailed inspection & assessment of work required, producing an unmatched level of gloss & surface protection treatment



 Watch this space for details of 2nd shop opening in December 





THAILAND: AGlaze new Marine distributor SKY CRUISE PHUKET Co., Ltd busy applying AGlaze surface sealants

Boat owners in Thailand are now finding out where to have their craft looked after, & Sky Cruise Phuket Co., Ltd are busy looking after an array of yachts both large and small, new and well used examples, protected and -restored where necessary- to very high standards.

Some examples: This sport Cruiser is 11 years old, and is now in as new condition.                                                                                                                        


Bavaria Sailing Yacht, ‘’before’’ and ‘’after’’  AGlaze. Note the colour refreshed and high shine, even the blue stripe is proper deep blue again!


Dinghies must not be forgotten!  A well-used example, with before and after showing what is possible with deep restoration of the hyperlon surface.


 Contact Sky Cruise for bookings or inquiries on Tel : 076 608870 email : or click 

PHILIPPINES: A strong push into the Philippines Automotive market, with first Product & Marketing seminar in Manila.

Car enthusiasts & professionals in Philippines have long searched high end automotive products, & these wishes have now been answered. 

Our Partner ‘Mocon Int., Trading’  has recently launched the Automotive product range to an array of industry professionals & interested parties for distribution countrywide. Marketing plans are now well underway, and various channels of distribution are being implemented.




 All our latest products for automotive

 paint protection & detailing

 have been introduced in detail



Following the workshop training sessions, practical on-site training to demonstrate each product has been completed, here we can see the new AGlaze QUICKSEAL being demonstrated.


 These introductions have met with far reaching interest, with local vehicle manufacturing plants expressing serious interest. 


For more details please contact us

The Peninsula Hong Kong’s Rolls-Royce’s paintwork restored & protected

The most famous iconic fleet of cars in Hong Kong, The Peninsula Hong Kong’s 14 Rolls-Royces have since long had their paintwork protected with AGlaze. These vehicles are regularly maintained to the highest standards and optically demand supreme levels of paint protection and detailing.

Accidents happen, and recently an AGlazed vehicle was surface damaged being subject to dripping corrosive fluid from overhead ceiling pipes.  In normal circumstances this would require a costly repaint work and resulting in extensive down time. 

The paintwork being already protected, was instead restored seamlessly and resealed again with AGlaze, creating a very high gloss finish at the same time. This eliminated the cost and time normally associated with such damage rectification.

Quote from The Peninsula Hong Kong. Mr Martin Oxley 

 ‘’As the Peninsula Hotels Group Fleet Vehicle Manager, I can confirm we have been using A-Glaze products on our Peninsula Hong Kong Rolls-Royce fleet for many years and are extremely happy. The fact they were able to restore calcium damaged paintwork that I certainly thought beyond salvage only reinforces my decision to award them the contract’’. Unquote.

Our thanks to The Peninsula Hong Kong, for their confidence in our products and we look forward to serving them for a long time to come!