Synergy Asia AGlaze has appointed a new exclusive distributor for Marine AGlaze products in Thailand.

This is a strategic move to service the important & fast growing marine market in Thailand



SKY CRUISE PHUKET Co. LTD  Via their new offices & distribution facilities in Phuket are perfectly placed to aggressively market AGlaze.

Sky Cruise Phuket also operate a yacht Charter & Yacht management business in the country & together with staff benefiting from a long history in marine engineering
will be able to provide first grade solutions & advice to the marine community.

A comprehensive range of AGlaze products are already supplied & local orders are already being taken !
The whole AGlaze team warmly welcome Skycruise Phuket & wish them much success .
Contact SkyCruise on : Tel : 076 608870  email:

AGlaze lauches new alloy wheel protector



AGlaze Alloy Wheel Protector provides a durable, highly repellent finish which protects against brake dust and road grime.

The easy spray on and rinse application keeps your wheels looking their best for longer between washes and reduces the need to use any specialist cleaners after the initial application.

Once the wheels have been protected, they can be washed with just shampoo and a sponge, with a quick spray top up of Alloy Wheel Protector every 4-6 weeks to keep the protection at maximum. 


 AGlaze is proud to announce its aviation surface sealant can now be used by 

Gulfstream aircraft to maintain appearance and performance.


Hong Kong AGlaze Automotive Retailer 'AURORA' Wins For Second Year Award For Vehicle Detailing


AURORA team receiving prestigious 'Car Plus' award.


At same event BMW receives 'Car Of The Year' award for the new 7 series


7 Series BMW prefectly presented using AGlaze paint sealant.

AGlaze Marine Products Distribution Extended In Singapore

Boat owners at the luxury "One degree 15" marina at Sentosa cove, where the Singapore Yacht Show was recently held, now have AGlaze marine products available within the marina. S.I.M.S. chandlery (Swift Integrated Marine Services) have become our "Authorisied Retailer" for the marina. David Sim brings a weath of knowledge about marine maintanace and we are proud to have David on the team to assist & advise boat owners in obtaining the correct product. David can be contacted at +65 6271 7787. email:


David Sim of S.I.M.S. and Nigel How of Krysallis Marine our AGlaze marine products importer Singapore. 




Robin Whittaker of Synergy Asia AGlaze, David Neish of "Asia Pacifice Boating" Magazine and Nigel How of Krysallis Marine at Singapore boat show.