Two Yachts "AGlazed" at Clearwater Bay Hong Kong

Recently two yachts have been treated, and one with a detail restoration, both with outstanding results: the first two photos show a 38 ft HATTERAS first launced around 1988 - LOOK CLOSELY at the restored finish now achieved, with a deep long lasting protective shine which does certainly does not show the vessel's 27 years!!


The second vessel below is a RIVIERA flybridge from 2002, polished and sealed with AGlaze for a fastidious owner. This vessel is now looking immaculate and in better condition than some much newer craft.


AGlaze / Synergy Asia Launch Automotive retail outlet in Hong Kong

Demand for our automotive products in Hong Kong has resulted in the first opening of several planned car retail centres in the territory.

Fireworks at opening ceremony September. 


This is operated by our car products retail distributor 'AURORA car services' Full details and bookings can be obtained from the local Aurora HOTLINE 2470 3866.

In addition,for those customers in busy Hong Kong with sometimes no time to visit , we have a call out service to treat your vehicle at home or office. Simply click the "contact us" page on this site and complete your details.

Modern well lit facility for all levels of car detailing.








Full range of AGlaze product services are available, including single treatments,or long term packages, including paint protection & prior renovations where required. This outlet can tackle all necessary processes for the ultimate in car care & surface protection.

Detailed professional training & customer advice, using latest AGlaze products & techniques for todays modern water based paintwork.



A dedicated support team,

Jessica Tong Director Aurora Car Services,

Robin Whittaker M.D.AGlaze Synergy Asia,

Danny Wong Project Manager Aurora Car Services.


We wish our partners much success in this latest exciting venture !


World's most famous hotel car fleet uses AGlaze exclusively.

Without doubt one of the finest luxury hotels in the world, the historical Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong, has an equally prestigious and well maintained fleet of cars. 14 bespoke Rolls Royce Phantoms, in the Peninsula green colour. Indeed a famous sight seen driving in Hong Kong daily.

These vehicles have a demanding life and must be totally immaculate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is no small task, as the cars are washed every day, and must be totally free of even the smallest scratch mark or swirl. An almost impossible task in the hot dusty humid traffic conditions in Hong Kong !

The Peninsula has entrusted AGlaze/Synergy Asia for this paintwork protection task, and are delighted at having their whole fleet of Rolls Royce in constant gleaming condition. An advertisment to the extreme high standards upheld at the Peninsula.




This picture shows some of the fleet after being AGlazed . 







Mirror finish across the whole fleet. Spotless and scratch free.








 From 'top  to  toe'  immaculate

AGlaze shines at Classic Car show Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is since long a major hub for classic car enthusiasts in the asian region, be they priceless rare vehicles, or lovingly restored everyday classics from yesteryear,displayed in all their glory. This years event was no exception, with many fine examples.

The most photographed vehicle was a simply perfect condition vintage Rolls Royce from 1934, which had been AGlazed by ourselves before the show & was presented with an absolutely stunning finish !  This vehicle is owned by Sir Michael Kadorie, Chairman of the Hong Kong & Shanghai Hotels Ltd. 

Photos show the vintage Rolls Royce undergoing extensive detailed AGlaze treatment .


The finished result !  The AGlazed 1934 Rolls Royce positioned at the entrance to the show. Photo shows from left: Mr Martin Oxley,Vehicle fleet manager Peninsula hotels, 2nd from right Sir Michael Kadorie Chairman of the Hong Kong & Shanghai hotels Ltd. and right Mr Robin Whittaker Managing Director Synergy Asia, admiring this splendid vehicle. 


AGlaze aviation glaze chosen by METROJET Hong Kong.


 Metrojet, Hong Kongs '6 Star' business aviation jet operator has this  month begun treating aircraft with our latest aviation glaze.

 This glaze is providing both superior long term surface protection and in  addition the financial benefit of fuel savings. 

First jet pictured is a demonstration on an older Gulfstream showing surface restoration in process, and the end results after surfaces AGlazed. 

Detailed monitoring by Metrojet of before & after results have been concluded, using gloss meters to register surface shine/gloss. This was improved from a rather matt 'factor 30' to an incredible 'factor 70' which is a very high gloss level.


 Metrojet is delighted with these results and  ourselves are proud to be associated with an  aviation services company which takes such a  pride in the appearance of its aircraft. 

 Metrojet is part of the Kadoorie group, and  sister company of the Peninsula hotels. 


These pictures show stains removed & high gloss restored after  application of the Glaze.