AGlaze Surface Sealant is certificated to the standards required by Boeing, Airbus and BAE Systems for use on their aircraft and has been used for more than 15 years to protect and maintain the appearance of aircraft paintwork. AGlaze is used by several well known airlines, Police and rescue services around the world as well as private aircraft owners. AGlaze was also used on Concorde, the supersonic airliner when it was in service.

Proven Fuel Savings The AGlaze Surface Sealant has also been put through extensive testing in order to prove fuel savings for commercial aircraft. In late 2011, we began a six month test using one of BMI Baby’s Boeing 737-300’s equipped with Boeings Airplane Performance Monitoring system. The result of this test has shown an airframe improvement of 0.8%, from which has been calculated a 161 tonne fuel saving per year for this AGlazed aircraft. Based on these calculations by using AGlaze Surface Sealant, a large commercial carrier should expect to be able to save 240 tonnes of fuel per aircraft, per year.

Combined with this at the end of May 2012 the AGlaze Surface Sealant was tested on an aircraft model in The Aircraft Research Association’s Transonic Wind Tunnel. The aim of this test was firstly to “rubber stamp” the test undertaken with the BMI aircraft, but also proved that even on a brand new smooth shiny paint finish, the application of AGlaze Surface Sealant can still create a significant reduction in drag on the aircraft fuselage.

The AGlaze Sealant’s unique formulation gives unrivalled protection from extreme temperature changes, changing weather conditions and the Sun’s UV rays that aircraft are exposed to every day at high altitude. The AGlaze sealed finish is smooth and easy to clean. Aircraft washing times can be significantly reduced and the paint life extended. When put together with the now proven benefits in fuel efficiency, which will also help reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the AGlaze Sealant System provides an extremely cost effective method of maintaining both the appearance and performance of all aircraft types, from smaller private aircraft to large commercial Airliners.


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