About Us

Our Company and partnerships :

Synergy Asia Inv.Ltd established 2006 in Hong Kong,with the experience to manage and build a succesful marketing & distribution throughout asia, of the UK produced A Glaze range of products, serving the automotive, marine & aviation industries. We are the sole importer for the region and have extensive product and technical knowledge to advise on a complete spectrum of A Glaze product applications.

This is only possible with a very special and close partnership with the manufacturer in UK,  Creative Resins Distribution Ltd is a family owned and run company manufacturing and distributing resins for the automobile, marine and aircraft industries for over 25 years. Creative Resins Distribution achieved the UK International Business award in 2004.

This is also only possible with in addition a carefully selected dedicated team of regional importers and distributors across asia. This team has expanded in recent times and continues to expand  to serve our growing client base.

We pride ourselves in giving excellent service across all industries with many relationships with companies around the world. Our A Glaze product range is increasing every year with more countries using our processes to protect their client's investments whether it is a car, aircraft, or yacht.  We are committed to continually developing new and existing products to improve protection for our customer's investments reducing maintenance time and costs as well as retaining value.

A-Glaze Surface Sealant

A-Glaze has been an established producer of Specialist protective coatings since 1995. With  over ten years experience of paint protection the constant research and development ensures we produce the high quality products that today's market standards require. We distribute Automotive, Marine, and Aviation sealants and products throughout Asia.


Back in 1996 new international legislation regarding automotive paints ruled that all manufacturers would change to water based paints. As these new paints do not need to be baked to the same high temperature as the original oil based paints, very little pollution is pumped into the atmosphere. This new legislation resulted in a much softer paint finish and existing surface sealants used in the automotive sector did not have the same resilience and efficiency.

A-Glaze had already been preparing for this change which was due to take the manufacturers approximately five or six years to accomplish. By early 2000, our chemists had formulated the first triple polymer sealant that really worked successfully on water-based paints. In 2002 a new stabilising polymer was introduced together with an additional UV absorbing element; thus the A-Glaze 4.4 was created. This new product is used for both painted and GRP surfaces, with a slight differential in formulation. The full strength automotive A-Glaze system is sold as an add-on by car dealerships throughout Great Britain, Europe, and now Asia,  and applied professionally by the dealerships own valetors who have been specially trained in the process. We serve numerous outlets including prestigious dealerships such as Porsche, BMW, Jaguar . This product carries a full Guarantee on new cars paintwork. Since its launch, the product has proven beyond doubt to be the most effective on the market.


The marine industry's worst enemy is a combination of ultra violet damage together with salt. The reaction on GRP as well as painted surfaces has been a nightmare for the boating industry causing colour fading and a dry powder effect on the surface. This, over a period of time, not only requires constant maintenance but eventually damages the GRP surface, making it far more porous over exposed areas and causing irreparable damage. Most boaters are constantly fighting every year to reduce this 'chalking' effect and most remedies reduce the chalking but do not stop the chalking. The A-Glaze 4.4 Marine treatment applied on a regular basis ensures that all exposed areas are kept in a pristine condition, protected from the Ultra Violet rays and salt and easily maintained. If a boater has to cut their craft back each year to rid the surface of the chalking, then simply finish the process with A Glaze sealant. This then protects the surface of the vessel against the Sun's UV rays which cause the chalking effect in the first place. Each boater will notice how the chalking has disappeared and the boat will remain in the same condition as when you applied the A Glaze sealant.

All of the major manufacturers are at this moment looking to endorse our product and recommend to their customers that a regular program consisting of the A-Glaze application is adhered to in order to keep their expensive investment in top condition. Sunseeker have endorsed A-Glaze Surface Sealant for use on all their used boats. Fairline have completed their final stages of their testing and have already approved our products for application on their Gel coats.  Blue hulled boats are particularly hard to keep clean and pristine and boat manufacturers such as Aqua star who produce luxury blue hulled boats recommend our products to their clients to ensure the boat remains pristine throughout its boating life.

With the current economic climate worldwide, surely it is better to protect your large investment than simply allow it to discolour and be poorly maintained. Whether you are looking to sell the boat or keep it as a long term investment - look after it.

A Glaze is particularly good for charter companies as it reduces the maintenance and clean time in between hiring of the vessels. A Glaze now supply a number of charter companies world wide each year and they have found that the boats remain cleaner whilst on charter and the customers are happy.

A Glaze is now able to supply a cleaning and maintenance solution for the whole of the vessel ranging from the hull, deck, canopy, tender, metal staircases.