Today there are many things to consider when choosing to purchase a new or used car. There's the environment, the running costs and of course, the eventual residual returns after the initial financial investment.

A Glaze has been formulated to protect your newly acquired asset over the forthcoming years, protecting the paintwork for the longterm. During this period, maintenance is minimal as A Glaze does all the necessary protecting for you. The future outcome is now guaranteed, returning top residual value for your original investment and giving you a positive financial advantage when purchasing your next vehicle.

The A Glaze paint sealant system uses the most up to date technology available to provide the best possible protection for your vehicles paintwork. Using a combination of polymers and specialist UV absorbers, the A Glaze sealant ensures full protection against fading, oxidisation and the Suns Ultraviolet rays, as well as repelling acid rain and industrial fallout.

A Glaze gives a permanent showroom shine , and reduces the need for washing the vehicle by 50%. No polishing is necessary and AGlaze requires no top ups or conservers  to maintain a year round showroom finish on all automotive paint finishes.

•Protects against acid rain  •Protects against the Suns Ultraviolet rays     

•Protects against colour fading  •Protects against oxidisation and fallout

•Protects against snow, ice and salt  •Ensures a continuous showroom shine

•Helps protect against bird dropping damage  •Prolongs the paint life of your vehicle

 •Easy washing and no polishing

•No top ups or conservers required to maintain the seal